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I am delighted to announce a new timetable of Yoga and Wellness Workshops.

Here are the dates and themes for the first half of 2018.

March 10th and May 12th Yoga for Runners, Cyclists and Sports Playersrunners

Looking to improve your performance whether you are a runner, cyclist or sports player and reduce your tendency to injury? Come and learn specific yoga poses to increase your flexibility, strength and stamina and rebalance the body. Key areas of hamstrings, calves, hip flexors are focused on, plus posture and improvement in breathing efficiency. Discover complementary therapies and home remedies that help you prevent and recover from injury as well. Suitable for all levels.

March 18th Yoga to assist Stress & Anxietymeditation stones

There are many reasons our stress levels tend to soar and we feel out of balance! Come along and discover the magical powers of yoga, relaxation and mindfulness techniques, together with breathing exercises to reduce your stress levels and cut the cortisol overload! Discover natural remedies and a healthy diet to help you try and overcome your stress or anxiety symptoms. Suitable for all ages and all levels.

April 7th Yoga to help Arthritis and Back Painspine

Yoga is particularly well suited to help prevent or minimize the erosion of cartilage that causes the joint pain of osteoarthritis and to create greater ease of movement and decrease pain within the joints that have already sustained such damage. From a yogic perspective a lot of the factors that are responsible for joint issues are related to how the body sits, stands and moves through space. Suitable for complete beginners and all ages. Also discover which complementary therapies and home remedies may help diminish and overcome your symptoms.

April 21st Yoga for The Menopauseyoga in field

Oh the joys of accepting that things must change! Come and join me and my first hand experience of how yoga, complementary therapies and home remedies assists us in transitioning through the menopause years. Understand why we suffer certain symptoms and the most effective ways of helping prevent and treat them. Suitable for all levels.


Coming Soon!  Yoga for Horse Ridershorse rider

In this session you will gain flexibility, improve your balance & build the core strength necessary to support you & your horse more efficiently. Experience body awareness that will allow you to unlock your hips, back, arms, shoulders, hands, knees & legs & most importantly, you'll learn how to breath to reduce tension in your body which will quieten and calm your horse giving him confidence so he will be more responsive.

Coming Soon! Yoga for Real Men!Warrior 1 field

Real men do yoga apparently! Come on chaps ...... come and give it a try. You'll learn yoga poses that improve your flexibility and enhance your immune system. Some that help you regain your flexibility and reduce your stress levels. All without having to compete with the ladies! It will be fun I promise and you will leave a new man!

Coming Soon! Yoga to boost the Immune Systemfish pose

Yoga can help protect you from marauding viral invaders like cold & flu germs because it:
• Detoxifies and oxygenates your system
• Balances the hormones you need for a strong immune system
• Reduces stress and fatigue, two precursors to lowered immunity
• Triggers acupressure points said to help evict viruses and bacteria from your body
If you tend to catch a cold or cough as soon as we have one wintery day or consistently have digestive issues, irregular sleep patterns, suffer from various allergies, contract stomach bugs or have skin breakouts, then a regular yoga practice will certainly help you become stronger on the inside so you'll catch far less viral infections and diseases, and if you do, you'll find yourself returning more speedily to optimum health. Come and learn some yoga poses and complementary therapy and natural remedies to help boost your immune system. Suitable for all ages and levels

More dates to follow soon......

 * if there s a subject/health challenge/topic you would like to see a Yoga & Wellness Workshop cover then please email me and I will gladly endeavour to help!

ALL WORKSHOPS ARE 2 &1/2 HOURS AND PRICED AT £30.00 This includes a welcome smoothie, refreshments and handouts if relevant.

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