Yoga & Immunity 8 x 1 hr classes

What you will discover:

  • The Respiratory, Lymphatic, Digestive & Endocrine systems and how they affect the functioning of your Immune System, plus the roles that poor sleep, stress and anxiety and your environment also play.
    The 8 different types of yoga poses and their benefits for body and mind. Including those that specifically encourage better functioning of the Immune System.
  • How your breathing affects your Immune System, your stress response and your overall health and wellness.
  • Breathing practices to increase Vagal tone, Concentration, Oxygen uptake and Heart Rate Variability and the affect this has on the body and mind including your physical and mental performance.
  • Natural complementary remedies, supplements and foods that will assist the optimum functioning of your Immune System as we head into the winter months.
  • Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga Nidra practices to deeply relax and recharge you mentally and help reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Hand-outs, book recommendations and online resources to encourage you to explore the subjects further.

This course takes the form of 8 x 1-hour online lessons

To purchase the 8 x 1 – hour lessons and receive the You Tube link and resources please CLICK HERE