yoga @ home

an innovative new VIDEO APP giving you clear instructions on how to practice yoga poses in the comfort of your own home using the furniture

Want to try yoga in the comfort of your own home without the need for mats or special equipment? Well join expert yoga teacher Carole Baker as she takes you round various rooms in the house and shows you the benefits of yoga poses using your furniture and household fixtures and fittings!

Half Moon Pose balancing against the sofa, Warrior 3 pose in the kitchen, Tortoise pose in the bedroom and a Standing Forward Bend in the shower to name but a few!

Detailed video instructions on each pose with a fun and light hearted approach together with a list of the benefits and precautions for each one.

18 yoga poses which will work to improve your flexibility and strength whilst enabling you to enhance your balance and concentration and will teach you the benefits of relaxing and letting go.

PS. This is NOT my home – it’s a show home (I do like purple but not THAT much!!)

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