Encouraging children to learn how to take responsibility for their Health & Wellbeing.

There is much emphasis on intellectual learning and knowledge in our children’s current education system, but do we really prepare the next generation well for their future as humans on our beautiful planet? Is there any wisdom learned? Is their any encouragement of intuitive skills and the ways the natural healing capacity of the amazing human body works to restore itself to a state of equilibrium and “ease”? Do we offer our children advice on how to make themselves feel well both mentally and physically?

In my personal view, no there is barely any of this on offer.

This part of my work as a Yoga Teacher and Wellness advisor is crucial and I offer this page and the FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM PAGES – CLASSROOM WELLBEING up to all teachers and parents who are searching for information they can use in the classroom that has been verified.

Please note this page is currently being created and updated 260922

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