Yoga & Wellness Workshops

 A mixture of practical yoga, breathing & mindfulness tools, combined with advice on Native Remedies, Complementary Therapies & Nutrition

Exploring the scientifically proven benefits of Yoga postures, Breathing Practices & Mindfulness Meditation in reducingThe Stress Response and improving the functioning of The Immune System. Increasing our mental and physical resilience to Dis-ease. We cover many different topics and each workshop will be accompanied by a comprehensive hand-out of resources for you to use and further suggested research. 
Some offerings for Winter 2024 will be taking place at THE SELF CENTRE in Bury st Edmunds and you will need to book those via their website  IF THEY SAY “WAITLIST” then this means you need to book via THE SELF CENTRE
please check which location you are booking and if you are confused just message me!