Yoga & Wellness Workshops

A mixture of practical yoga, breathing & mindfulness tools, combined with advice on Natural Remedies, Complementary Therapies & Nutrition

Exploring the scientifically proven benefits of Yoga postures, Breathing Practices & Mindfulness Meditation in reducingThe Stress Response and improving the functioning of The Immune System. Increasing our mental and physical resilience against Dis-ease.

Workshop Prices

All Workshops are 2 hours and include follow up resources, drink & snack.

 All Workshops are priced at £27.50 All bookings via B-SPORT WEBSITE OR APP



Sundays 10.00am – 12.30pm

24th April, 22nd May, 12th June, 10th July, 14th August, 18th Sept.

Come along and enjoy a leisurely Sunday morning with me. An hour of  Yoga, followed by a session of either Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Gong Bath or Restorative Breathing and then a delicious home made brunch

PRICE includes relaxed brunch. (vegan/veggie options available) £37.50

Yoga in Bury St Edmunds