Which class for me?


If you ask me what “style” of Yoga I teach then I would say “Carole Yoga”. That sounds silly but over the years I have studied many different types of Yoga .

I didn’t really enjoy my first yoga class as I felt really intimidated as everyone seemed so good and I was utterly hopeless! I did sleep amazingingly well that evening and vowed to go back!

Yoga will gift you with whatever your body and mind needs to bring itself back into a state of balance and “ease”. I often joke with my students that the yoga pose or breathing practice they struggle with is the one that their body or mind is crying out for! If you need strength in key areas of your mind or body you will find it. If you require a sense of flexibility and freedom you will discover that too. Most importantly you will connect with your body and mind like you have never done so before and learn the potential to control the way you feel, physically, physiologically and emotionally. What’s not to love about that?!

I am a qualified 500 hours British Wheel of Yoga Diploma Holder passing in 2006 (The Governing Body for the UK)

I have also attended the following additional Teacher Training courses.

  • Scaravelli Yoga Immersion ~ Catherine Annis
  • Soma Prana Vinyasa Flow ~ Shiva Rae
  • Well Woman Yoga Therapy ~ Uma Dinsmore
  • Yoga for Pain ~ Heather Mason The Minded Institute
  • The Oxygen Advantage Breathwork training with Patrick McKeown
  • Crystal Healing Diploma – The Rose School
  • Breathwork Facilitator Training – Yoga Lap
  • Sound Healing Diploma – The College of Sound Healing (currently undergoing)

Plus countless other Workshops on such fascinating subjects as The Psoas, The Vagus Nerve, Fascial Connections in Yoga, Restorative Yin Yoga.

My classes are a blend of all that I have learned and evolve as I learn more!

Hatha Vitality into Yin Restorative

This is a mixed level class suitable for Beginners and all other levels. Hatha based focusing on releasing tension and building strength in key areas. with occasional flow sequences, a few Yin poses to follow and then a Restorative pose to finish and breathing and relaxation. Advice on modifications for poses to suit individual needs. Suitable for all levels. Please let me know if you are a complete beginner.

Slow Vinyasa Flow into Yin Restorative

A slow paced Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class incorporating Salute to the Sun, Standing and Balance poses, Core Strength and then some deep hip, openers, twists and inversions! Finishing with a juicy Yin pose or two, breathwork and relaxation. Ideally you will have some yoga experience or have attended my 10 Week Beginners Yoga Course.

Yin Restorative  Yoga for all

Do you need to step off your hamster wheel? Restorative/Yin Yoga is about using gravity and time together with deep restorative breathing to elicit the Relaxation Response in our bodies and reduce the stress hormone cortisol. You will learn to relieve stiffness in the muscles and joints and to work with the connective tissue (fascia) understanding the intrinsic link it has to everything physical and emotional within us. In the next few years it will become common place to talk about emotional experiences being held within the physical body structures. Come and get ahead of the game and learn how to release your stress and tension and also hopefully prevent it occurring in the first place! Suitable for all levels. Also available as a PRIVATE CLASS for you and some friends who are new to the Yoga experience – contact me for details.


Coming in February! Please message me for more details


Coming very soon! Please message me for more details.

Yoga for Beginners – The Apex, Bury St Edmunds

Wednesdays 11.30 and 1.00pm Both classes are the same. For those new to yoga who may be greater in years and later in commencing a yoga practice. Different themes each week. A Hatha Yoga based class offering modifications if needed. Suitable for all levels but particularly a beginner. Breathwork and Mindfulness and Relaxation techniques also covered. 

Yoga for Beginners ONLINE

A Yoga Beginners Class covering all the 8 key types of yoga poses and their health benefits, plus breathing and relaxation techniques and a look at the different styles of yoga. Join any time as this is an rolling programme. Currently available to download as a pre-recorded series via LEARN IT LIVE! Soon to be added to B-SPORT Video on Demand and be part of the UNLIMITED ONLINE MEMBERSHIP. Also available as a PRIVATE CLASS for you and some friends who are new to the Yoga experience – contact me for details.

Yoga for Sports (Workshops or Private Classes)

Now that the England World Cup Football team and the England Rugby Squad have been seeing doing Yoga, it seems to be more popular amongst sportspeople!  I have found there is a common need for releasing of hamstrings, quads, hip flexors and lower backs, opening of shoulders and chest area to improve posture and breathing to improve athletic performance (The Oxygen Advantage) and learning to let go of the stress! All levels welcome. Message me if I can schedule a class for you and your mates or your sports team or club?

 If you are unsure about what class to attend then please don’t hesitate to contact me enquiries@carolebaker.co.uk 

Why not look at my Yoga & Wellness Workshops which cover different health related themes and/or  styles of Yoga? click here